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"A Proper Cup of Tea" written by Mary Pat Tuxbury Order this book

A Proper Cup of Tea

Amanda Collins' near-perfect life disintegrates with the death of her ailing husband. She gracefully adopts the tranquil life of a working widow--until quite by chance she meets two charismatic men on two continents. She wants to have friendships with both men, but their passions demand she decide on one.

Her family encourages a relationship with Michael Rafferty, a well-established local Montana attorney. Her mentor, Mary Murphy, prods her to leave the safety of the nest and fly to Ireland to meet internet charmer Sean Riley.

Who will Amanda choose??

Riley's Legacy

Amanda Collins' life is turned upside down when her fiance, Sean Riley is killed by a terrorist bomb in Dublin. The reading of Sean's will leaves Amanda as the sole benefactor to the Riley Legacy.

Amanda realizes how little she knows about Sean and the secrets that shroud Riley manor. Unsure of her newly acquired position she turns to her friend and confidant Mary Murphy.

Can Mary Murphy's insights save Amanda?

"A Proper Cup of Tea" written by Mary Pat Tuxbury Order this book
"A Proper Cup of Tea" written by Mary Pat Tuxbury Order this book

Irish Phoenix

Nestled in the mountains of the Missoula Valley, a story of international intrigue unravels itself. When Sean Riley, an Irish National, returns from the grave, Amanda Collins, his former lover, finds out the truth about his past. As Amanda, her friend Mary Murphy, and local attorney Michael Rafferty search to find the truth, they uncover a conspiracy that runs all the way to the top. As they begin to uncover the truth, they quickly learn that you never know who you can trust.

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